The New Paradigm and Ruperts Tantrum

So after a roller coaster election complete with a hung parliament we finally have a functioning government…well sort of. We have a Labor party near decimated by its own infatuation with focus polling and media management at the expense of policy direction. Then, Abbott’s Liberal (Christian Conservatives) coming to an election with NO policies except media managed sound bites like “Stop the…insert Labor Policy here”. Unsurprisingly both failed to impress the public (except Queensland) and neither could secure a majority without buying off some minor players.

Abbott jumped out with the cash bag and offered billion dollar hospitals but then came undone when his own pre-election costings came in 11 billion short after treasury analysis. Gillard, seeing the winds of opportunity blowing her way managed to woo 2 of the 3 rural independents and form a government. Tony Abbott fell victim to his own stupidity, you cannot publicly slander those you need to persuade to help you.

Rupert Murdoch was furious, he had invested all his energies into removing the Labor government and ended up with something far less predictable than what existed before. 4 minor players with left leaning tendencies forming a minority government with Labor and demanding a cooperative government that looks beyond cheap politics and works for the long term good of the nation. Poor Rupert must have been ripping his remaining 4 strands of hair out! All that effort, all those editorials slamming the former government for not doing enough to open up our economy to foreign economic control amounted to nothing.  In a last ditch  juvenile tantrum Rupert instructs his mindless vassals at the Australian Newspaper to write that his paper intends to “Destroy The Greens”.

Why? Why on earth does this old fuck sitting in his penthouse in New York care so much about a minor social democratic/environment party winning 12% of the vote? He cares because unlike Labor, unlike Liberal he currently has little influence on the policies of the Greens. This one man who controls the content of what 80% of Australians read in the papers now might have his direct link to Canberra severed after his ultra partisan support of the Liberals who failed to weather the perfect storm and sail to victory.

The response from Murdoch will be as predictable from Murdoch as it is from Abbott. 3 years of a sustained misinformation campaign on all policies that make him feel threatened.

An NBN will lead to a more level media playing field in the future, there can be no doubt about that. Sky news will get trumped by ABC 24 in a very short period of time and his precious daily papers will struggle to get required revenue to continue. The NBN will provide a platform more more diverse media ownership and direct to the home television stations.

Climate Change will continue to be attacked by Murdochs cronies until such a time that the obvious physical effects convince all but Andrew Bolt that it is in fact happening.

His mates who own mines in Australia and don’t want to pay tax for the right to remove our national wealth to help arm a totalitarian military state will still get his support….some may not want it for much longer though…..BHP

There were many losers from the last election, but in my books the biggest was Rupert Murdoch. One who gave so much to offer the nation so little has had the most pathetic tantrum in response to defeat that the nation has witnessed. We can only hope that his eroded power continues and we get the media we deserve, not the media Rupert thinks we should deserve.


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