Post Election Australia

6 days until election day and it looks like the Liberals will win anywhere between 8 & 19 seats and lose possible 3, either way their chances of winning are pretty damn good. If you are anything like me you are probably asking yourselves ‘Are Aussies really this fucking stupid’? The answer unfortunately is YES. So before you start to pack your bags and prepare to fly off to find a new civilized home I thought I would offer the occupiers of ‘Real Australia’ for a compromise deal. People who want ‘Real Action’, do “Real Work’ and want to live in a ‘Real Australia’ under a ‘Real Leader’ like Tony Abbott can have a good portion of the country. We will never ever have to have another election about boat people, never have to watch or hear anything about NRL or have people with the smallest IQ’s choose our countries leader based on what they read in ‘Real newspapers’ written by Rupert Murdoch. Although we would be sacrificing a lot, think of all we could gain by breaking the shackles attached to our simpleton friends in the north of the country. Above  is a brief diagram of what I am proposing to implement in post apocalyptic Australia.


2 responses to “Post Election Australia

  1. Crunching the numbers today Dave it looks as thought Mr Rabbits chances are around 33% to Gillard 67%. The marginals are super unpredictable so a last minute bogan bribe could tip it.

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