Media bias & proposed resource taxes

So Rio Tinto is planning to start a ‘grass roots’ campaign and plans to ‘man a new Eureka Stockade’! You may have seen the advertisements on TV, miners ‘saved’ us from the Global Financial Crisis apparently. How exactly did they ‘save’ us? Did they lend the government money or was it merely fortunate circumstances (massive demand from China)? Did they employ all the unemployed Australians? or, did they shore up the banks and loan them the money needed to continue lending? Well the answer is none of the above, they actually did nothing to ‘save’ us from the GFC and benefitted from high continued demand from China and India.

Currently I have been monitoring the media to see how many articles are being written in favour of the Resource Tax and how many against. The ratio so far is 28 to 1 against the resource tax, yet when polled more than 50% are in favour and around 30% against. So how or why can the media be almost unanimous in the constructed outrage against the Resource Tax? Would it happen to have anything to do with the fact that most of them probably work for people who own large share portfolios in BHP, Rio Tinto etc and stand to lose a modest percentage of profit on their shares? And if this is the case, why has there not been a single article investigating such links in any mainstream media paper or electronic outlet?

The facade that the Minerals Council of Australia is in anyways capable of organizing an organic, grass roots protest movement against the resource tax is completely laughable. What is grass roots about hiring a multi million dollar advertising company to attack the senses of those who dare interfere with their grotesque profitability? Are we that stupid to buy this utter bullshit? These guys pay 13% company tax and yes they do pay royalties as well but the royalties are on the quantity of minerals removed not company profit and also benefit from government subsidies as well. Most of us pay between 20-40% income tax while our most profitable business’s pay between 13-18%. This is in fact the reality of the situation, there is nothing grass roots about the attacks on the Resource Tax, its an expensive marketing campaign aimed at convincing the average idiot that these large foreign owned companies actually care about you and your future. It’s nauseatingly manipulative and the chorus of media masturbators writing these ‘opinion’ columns on behalf of the mining companies are essentially peddling baseless, inaccurate propaganda.

So when you see crap like this below, have a think about how grass roots it really is…


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