Great Big Taxes!

Many of us have been cowering with fear due to the panicked media reaction to implementing a ‘Tax’ on……wait for it, the richest economic sector of the Australian economy, the mining and minerals sector. How rude is that? The people of Australia asking for a little bit more money for something they own and a mining company leases the rights to take and send to China for the profit of a few fat white South African tycoons in New York.

With the level of hysterics in the media and stock market, you would have just thought that the government had just asked every working Australian to pay 10% more income tax. But no the government is asking the mining sector to pay a bit more tax on removing minerals that actually belong to every single citizen of Australia. There have been such little obvious support for this scheme from within the media that one must really wonder why on earth they oppose a taxation change that will reduce tax on small business and create a much needed infrastructure slush fund.

In short we have all been getting duped as no government for the last 20 years has taxed minerals assets to a level that would assure that the people get an adequate share of the mineral pie. You have effectively been ripped off to the tune of some 200 billion dollars and barely a single ‘journalist’ has ever written a piece of writing about it. Imagine all the hospitals, trains, maternity leave, disability care etc etc that could have been funded?

Various media agencies and governments are running around frantically trying to tell us ‘But the mining companies will just pack up and leave’ well they may, but if they leave these assets in the ground here, we can just dig them up later when they are even more valuable. But that will never happen, it’s a charade and the fact that pinhead Abbott is running around trying to score political points from it speaks volumes about his mental capacity. Why the fuck would anyone oppose a tax increase on the richest 1% of people in the country to the benefit of the other 99%? So please be wary when listening to ‘commentary’ on this issue BHP have many friends who own newspapers and TV stations.

Here is a picture of Clive Palmer, he is the Jabba the Hutt of mining in this country, clearly he needs these mining profits to help him maintain his aesthetic elegance.


2 responses to “Great Big Taxes!

  1. Thanks for opening my eyes to this. I have been quite oblivious to all the goings on of federal Australian politics of late due to other commitments.

    This blog is a breath of fresh air amidst the tripe of the mainstream media and its good to know someone is onto it. However this sort of info needs to get into the mainstream. I think having a ‘share’ option for posting to Facebook profiles and the like would be a priceless first step for getting the word out.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks Quinten, nice to know that occasionally people pop by and read what I have to say. Sorry for the delayed responses. I have been from blogsville for a few weeks!

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