Nick McKim – A politician to watch

Having followed the recent Tasmanian election quite closely I must confess a bit of admiration for the performance from the member for Franklin Nick McKim, almost 25% of that states vote. This guy really ran a clean, precise and well directed campaign without resorting to bullshit stunts (Labor) or blatant lies (Liberal). Nick comes across as, I know its hard to accept..but moderately human! Rare indeed for someone in the woodchip filled landscape of Taswegian politics. This guy has the potential to emerge as a good candidate for the greens at a National level, he’s modest, direct and handles himself remarkably well with the media and public addresses. Anyway its best you go and read about the guy and make up your own mind, he was great on last nights Q&A and you can read  a brief bio on his wiki . He seems like a decent politician and a good representative for environmental political action in this country, definitely one to watch.


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