The Swinging Voter

Is this simply shorthand for ‘selfish moron’ or is there something about the swinging voter I am missing? Having watched Insight tonight on SBS I almost vomited when hearing one of the audience members saying how she ‘votes for personalities’. This sent an immense shiver down my spine for two serious reasons. Firstly, how could one be so absent of care that they wish not to vote for policy position or ideology but instead vote for ‘personality’. Secondly, what is even slightly appealing about the personalities of either Abbott or Rudd? The swinging voter I presumed would only vote for the candidate or party that bests suits their own selfish interests or fulls them into believing they will, but the ‘personality’ thing really threw me. So if it is personality that wins the swinging voters, and it is winning the swinging voters that wins elections. Then the simple solution is to have the most appealing ‘personality’ …..Given that this is the case I am putting fourth my nomination, I want someone with environmental cred and ‘personality’ I want to  have Jamie Durie represent the Australian Greens at the next federal election!


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