Election Aftermath Tasmania & South Australia

Ok it’s all calm again and it looks like Rann has held on by a bees dick. Very lucky outcome, for a while there was looking he would lose to a mix of Family First and liberals. So SA sorted and pretty much things stay the same, although a good kick in the head for Rann hopefully it will improve the quality of his government.

Now to the interesting one, Tasmania. Serial fuckwit Bartlett has been absolutely sodomized and today has refused to form government with the greens leaving them no option but to uncomfortably share a bed with the Tasmanian Liberal party. I seriously don’t expect the Tas Libs to be any better than Bartlett, but given his worthless and forgettable reign he has achieved only negative outcomes for the average Tasmanian. Hopefully he develops some vile lump on his anus and spends the rest of his miserable life in pain.

Still early days so will keep you updated!


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