Election Frenzy South Australia & Tasmania

Well looks like I am up for an exciting night! 2 state elections at once both looking to have quite unusual results. The painfully boring Mike Rann SA Labor government looks set to be replaced by a really vile combination of fanatic Christians and the Liberal party. Although Rann is a bit of wanker at lest the guy has had sex and seems to give a slight fuck about the environment there. Bad result on the way for SA, not sure what kind of message the voters were trying to send.

On the other hand Tasmania looks really interesting, the greens have done really damn well going up against two completely corrupt and moronic candidates from Liberal and Labor. Hopefully we end up with the scumbag Tasmanian Labor deforestation party or Liberal deforestation party forced to form government with the greens. Great effort Tasmania, sorry form South Australia..

Oh well no official results yet but I will keep monitoring the progress…


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